You have a tornado (whirlwind), a funnel cloud or a strong wind gust observed? Why do not you report this case just here in our project. All genuine notes are valuable and help in the Archiving of tornadoes since 1950, is well liked image and video material, as this is very helpful for archiving. Your notes are very important for a complete archive.

Here you can report an observation

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We are looking for this project nor voluntary users who help us report of new or older events. Currently, we have only user for Europe and still require users for North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. Naturally, new users from Europe are welcome. If you want to help us out may do so and contact us by email to [email protected] We appreciate any help from you.

Tornado entries

Tornado with unknown strength 2853
Waterspout with unknown strength 933
Tornado with EF0 strength 25736
Tornado with F0 strength 211
Tornado with EF1 strength 19414
Tornado with F1 strength 555
Tornado with EF2 strength 9109
Tornado with F2 strength 313
Tornado with EF3 strength 2554
Tornado with F3 strength 108
Tornado with EF4 strength 662
Tornado with F4 strength 25
Tornado with EF5 strength 70
Tornado with F5 strength 7

Map Info

DB Version 160212
Tornado Map Version 4.0.0


We work every day to either the database or to a newer version of the Tornado Map. Here you can see the current status of the next release.

Version 4.0.1
5% Done
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